Canadians stand strong, but beware of LRAD Weapons

Also: Autopsies show "vaccines" killing teenagers, and calling senators to revoke the Emergency Act

Canadians stand united

Canadians are standing together against Trudeau’s psychopathic genocidal dictatorship. Many military and police are understanding their oaths to the law, not the regime. Here is an uplifting 4 minute compilation video:

Canadians, our inalienable rights and freedoms remain. By law, Trudeau, Freeland and other of their accomplices must be taken into custody and have their freedoms such as movement suspended. The “reasonable limits ” clause from the chart applies to them, not peaceful protesters.

“The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society who are harming others.” – Item 1 from the Charter.

Take action to revoke the Emergencies Act

Thanks for continuing to respond to the action call to phone your federal MPs Ottawa and Constituency offices; as well as joining the petition to the senate. It only takes 20 MP’s to motion to revoke the Emergencies Act that Trudeau has weaponized against his critics.

In addition to the petition to the senate, you may also contact by phone or other method of choice, any or all of the 105 Canadian Senators; only ten of them are required to motion to revoke Trudeau’s unjustified and hence unlawful power grab using the Emergencies Act.

Here is the contact information for our 105 senators. May good senators heed our alert and join in the defence of Canadians, human rights, our constitution, and our most fundamental laws.

LRAD weapons and how to protect yourself

Beware of LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Devices), a weapon being used against innocent protesters by globalist tyrants around the world. They may also be called MIMO (Maximum Input Maximum Output) emitting devices, and operate at various weapon frequencies beyond what innocent people have endured already. When used in their sonic range, they use intense sound to cause disease. Bring sound insulating ear plugs and sound blocking ear coverings to protests, and have them ready to use. Noise canceling earphones do not work against LRAD. Here are some images from their recent deployment in the similarly covid agenda oppressed nation of Australia.



This is what a liar looks like when covering up the use of the LRAD weapons on the people in Australia (90 seconds):
Here a visibly damaged victim of the Australian government’s use of the LRAD weapon on peaceful protesters, sharing her symptoms (6 minutes):

If Trudeau and Freeland will force the murder shot on us, surely using this weapon on the people is within the range of their moral depravity.  

Here you can see Australian MP ask about use of the LRAD against protesters on Feb 12th protest, and the mocking response of the sitting government, as well as images of various forms of the devices in use. (2 minutes)
We have unconfirmed reports of LRADs delivered to Ottawa.

USA autopsy of teenage boys, evidence that injection caused their death

USA autopsy of teenage boys shows toxic cardiomyopathy, evidence that the so called “vaccines” caused their death.

These findings are being missed, or neglected, in public autopsies in Canada and elsewhere, because the techniques required to look for it are not being used. See Dr Burkhart material here (2nd video on this page):