Global Revolution, US Convoy, and Urgent Call from Ottawa.

Canadians and our Freedom Convoy are inspiring the global uprising against tyranny. Exciting USA convoy news. Quick action to help stop Trudeau.

1. Canada Inspiring the World and US Convoy

Trudeau has consolidated his place in history as a villain and enemy of the people. Canadians and our fine truckers are inspiring the world. Our cousins to the south are with us. The Americans are preparing to launch an American freedom convoy on March 5th from a massive Defeat the Mandates Rally in California. Following the historic rally, the US Freedom Convoy will travel across the USA to the American nest of corruption, Washington DC.

Humanity, we are taking back our world, our capitals, our governments, our rights and freedoms;  and we are delivering justice to the covid criminals at the top. That is why these villains are panicking; they can not escape what they have done. This is an awesome 10 minute video.

2. Urgent Call to Ottawa. Freedom Truckers Convoy call for Immediate reinforcement

Are you ready to travel to Ottawa now? Are you in Ottawa now? Come down to the rally. History is happening now.

3. Another Call to action. Urgent but brief. Help stop Trudeau.

Today, like yesterday, we pray that our police and military fulfill their mandates: enforce the law, defend the people, and defend the constitution. To do so, they must take Trudeau, Freeland and others into custody.

Meanwhile, this psychopath is still at the helm of the federal government. We must all unite against him. No one should comply or support his regime. Help stop Trudeau from extending his dictatorial powers overnight through unjustifiably invoking the Federal Emergencies Act.

Canadians please call your federal member of parliament today; urge them to vote against invoking the Emergencies Act. You can find your MP by name or by searching with your postal code here:      

On the left side of your MP’s page you will see an option “Your Say” with “Contact ” below it. There you will find the phone number for your MP’s Ottawa office and their constituency office. Please call both.

For more information, tips on the action, or updates, go to    

Non-Canadians can help too. Please call the Canadian Embassy or consulate in your country; express your concerns about the extreme dictatorial actions being taking by the Trudeau government against the citizens. The embassy or consulate phone number is easily found here:


Recent scenes from the peaceful, loving, protest in Ottawa