Concise Highlights of the Extremely Dynamic Canada Situation

Trudeau’s Betrayal, Truckers’ Resolve, Emergencies Act, Ford’s 180, Suing Corrupt Officials, and the great Dr Hoffe.

Trudeau not arrested yet

Unfortunately, Canada’s arch criminals Justin Trudeau and his accomplices such as Chrystia Freeland, have not been arrested, yet.

We are praying fervently for justice; and we beseech the RCMP, other police, Canadian military, and ethical or repentant politicians to stand with the people, to stand for our constitution and the rule of law, to defend human rights, and to refuse absolutely to be pawns of these psychopaths any longer.

Trudeau invokes Emergencies Act to use against peaceful citizens

The Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa is described as a scene of peace and love by the many thousands of Canadians who have attended. The crime rate has actually dropped in Ottawa since the protest and citizen occupation began.

The Freedom Convoy protest is the largest citizen protest in Canadian history. We Canadians are demanding an end to all the covid mandates (dangerous forced injections, travel restrictions, imposed facial barriers, etc). The truckers and other citizens are determined not to leave Ottawa until the people’s will is honored, and human rights are restored to our country.

May I suggest that the demands should go even further; we should never be content with an outcome that does not include the criminal prosecution of Trudeau, Freeland, and other ring-leading perpetrators of the covid crimes against humanity.

Trudeau has betrayed the Canadian people. This very peaceful protest is the largest in Canadian history, yet neither Trudeau nor anyone in his regime have even spoken with or offered any dialogue to the thousands of Canadians lawfully and peacefully protesting in Ottawa.

Instead, Trudeau has now invoked the Emergencies Act. This is an unjustifiable move to seize more dictatorial power, so he may use the police or military against peaceful Canadians. (8 minutes)

About The Emergencies Act

Here is the Canada Emergencies Act info from the government of Canada web site: 

The Act contains a specific definition of “national emergency” that makes clear how serious a situation needs to be before the Act can be relied upon. A national emergency is an “urgent, temporary and critical situation that seriously endangers the health and safety of Canadians or that seriously threatens the ability of the Government of Canada to preserve the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Canada. It must be a situation that cannot be effectively dealt with by the provinces and territories, or by any other law of Canada.”

Thousands of peaceful lawful protesters, seeking the restoration of human rights, while feeding the homeless, cleaning the streets, gathering garbage, and reducing the city’s crime rate, does not qualify by any means for the Emergencies Act invocation.

What does constitute an emergency is the occupation of our prime minister’s office by this hate speech spewing, racist black-face wearing,  covid injection racketeeringgroper, who is fully committed to submitting Canadians to the global criminal covid enterprise’s agenda.

We, the Canadian citizens, are responding to this real emergency with our current peaceful occupation and protest in Ottawa. We should not have to do this, because a functioning legal system, police, and military should move against Trudeau.

Twenty good MP’s could revoke Trudeau’s invocation

If there are twenty members of our federal parliament, conscious and motivated enough to help the people, they should now motion to revoke Trudeau’s plan to use the police and military against the innocent.   

A motion to revoke a  declaration of emergency requires only ten members of the Senate or twenty members of the House of Commons. See section 59 of the Emergencies Act here. Call your Federal MP; we need multiple lines of defence against this psychopath Trudeau.

Truckers staying even with Emergencies Act

The Freedom Convoy protesters are as committed to human rights and freedom as Gandhi and Martin Luther King were in their time. Here a Freedom Convoy leader Tamara Lich, joined by the sole surviving author of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of Canada, the honorable Brian Peckford, held a press conference to address the new dangers Trudeau poses by invoking the Emergencies Act. The Truckers will Hold the Line, and risk the violent dangers that Trudeau poses. (15 minutes).

Truckers Staying Even with Emergencies Act – Freedom Convoy Leader & Charter of Rights Co-Author

Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford reverses his position on the entire scamdemic

While Trudeau is doubling down on his abuse of Canadians, Ontario’s premier Doug Ford is suddenly singing a very different song. After two years of abusing the citizens of Ontario, and complying in detail with the global covid crimes syndicate, Ford admits that the injections don’t work,  that we should stop the endless covid mandates, take off the “masks” and get on with our lives. (86 seconds)

We agree 100% with Ford’s renewed thinking, and we are relieved to hear this. However one also wonders “what has produced Ford’s reversal?” Has he simply returned to his sanity? Has he realized that he has been chronically misled by his minister of health Christine Elliot, and the globalist and big pharma puppets of the Ontario COVID 19 Science Advisory Table? Does he smell the approaching justice and want to escape it, or is this a strategy to relieve himself and his government of liability, and dump it into the laps of all the companies who complied with his past two years of unlawful mandates, and who have abused their employees, even to the point of forced lethal injections. Ontario human rights activist and strategist with Take Action Canada, Sandy Sable, explains this last explanation here (3 minute audio).

Task Group to suit public officials for the damages they have caused us in the name of covid. Ethics Over Fear press release

Speaking of the smell of justice, the Canadian organization Ethics Over Fear is now assembling attorneys to bring misfeasance torts on public officials before the courts on behalf of plaintiffs. This means they are working towards massive class actions for all of us victims of the abusive and unfounded mandates public officials have imposed on us (medical apartheid, forced injections, destroyed businesses, lost education, mental health injuries, and more). Here is the Ethics Over Fear Press Release. They are seeking the best suited legal experts for this project.  Here is a January 24th interview of Ethics Over Fear founder Wayne Peters, describing the dystopian situation in Canada to an American journalist.

People Are Waking to Govt Deceit and Control - Dr. Charles Hoffe, MD

Last, but certainly not least, we have something from iconic Canadian Medical Doctor Charles Hoffe to share. Charles Hoffe is rare among MD’s during the covid era. His courage, ethics, morals and intelligence have all passed trial by fire. Here is his clear and powerful Feb 14th Freedom Convoy message to Canadians. (8 minutes)