Doctors and Military Backup the Movement to Free Canada

Thanks to Bright Light News who are very busy behind the scenes, ensuring that Canadians and the world have access to real news from the Ottawa front line of  “people vs the tyrants”. Bright Light News is a great source of constant updates, daily schedules, and more.

On Saturday, Drs Malone, McCullough, and Trozzi all presented speeches to the Ottawa Freedom Rally.

Dr Robert Malone

Dr Malone, the American inventor of  mRNA technology, gave a calm and very informative speech spanning science, history, philosophy, and issues of criminality by the Trudeau regime and other perpetrators of the covid crimes against humanity.

The “vaccines” do not work, and are dangerous. 15 minutes.

Dr Peter McCullough

Highly qualified American physician and researcher Dr Peter McCullough was  brief. He shared his support for Canadians and our fight for freedom. He noted that the truckers are right and  the science supports them. McCullough called for  ending  all  emergency measures. He said that it is time to take the control of  health care out of  the hands of politicians and corporations,  and return it to medical experts. 90 seconds

Dr Mark Trozzi

Canadian, Dr Trozzi recaps the evidence that covid is a scam and a deadly crime against humanity. He calls for the arrests of prime minister Trudeau, deputy prime minister Christie Freeland, Ontario Minister of Health Christine Elliot,  College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario CEO Nancy Whitmore, and others, for their roles in obstructing safe and effective treatment for covid-19 resulting in unnecessary deaths and suffering, while forcing  dangerous covid injections on the public causing more death and suffering. Trozzi reaches out to police and military to defend the people, uphold the law, and move against the true criminals. 12 minutes.

Major Stephen Chledowski

Though not specifically  part of the Trucker Freedom Rally event, 21 year active duty  Canadian Army Major and political scientist, Stephen Chledowski takes an ethical lead and calls upon military and police to join in doing what is right: stand against Trudeau’s fascism, defend the Canadian people and  Constitution , and refuse to be used as tools against Canadians by  Trudeau and other members of the criminal covid enterprise. 7 minutes.

Images from Austria Protest

Lastly here are some great images from simultaneous protests in Canada and Austria: currently two of the most oppressive covdi-agenda countries in the world. Thanks Strong and Free Canada for this video which was played before thousands of protesters in Austria on Saturday. 2 minutes.