Canada Truckers Freedom Convoy | New 4 minute Press Release

Canada Truckers Freedom Convoy greet the World, and respond to covid-conspirator Trudeau’s false accusations.

February 7, 2022 Truckers Freedom Convoy Announcement


In Ottawa, the peaceful pro-human rights Truckers Freedom convoy maintains a safe and kind atmosphere. Meanwhile, covid crimes conspirator Justin Trudeau accuses all of his many-colored critics of being “racists”, and he accuses these kind freedom loving Canadians who are peacefully assembled in Ottawa of being “domestic terrorists”.

Contrary to the CBC and other state propagandists, the scene of the rally in Ottawa is kind, peaceful and safe.

Ex RCMP officer Danny Bulford, is working closely with the Freedom Convoy 2022 team and police to ensure a safe event. Here is a 4 minute overnight press release in which Bulford describes the peaceful scene, and denounces Trudeau’s false accusations.

Innocent people deserve the protection of the police and military. The police and military have a duty to the law. The law must apply  to all. We the people call upon the judiciary, police and military to serve the constitution and charter of rights; to defend the people; to deliver justice especially midst the  current severe crimes against humanity that have been committed in the name of covid. Thank You.


Like before with Dr. Patrick Philip’s legal fundraiser campaign, GoFu**Me has frozen over $10,000,000 dollars donated to the Freedom Convoy, in an attempt to stop them from raising funds for food, gas, and shelter for our great truckers. In doing so, GoFu**Me has further demolished any credibility they had left, and for the second time, we are calling for a boycott of this soulless corporation. Once again, GiveSendGo, the #1 Christian crowdfunding website, has saved the day, and the Convoy’s new campaign has already raised over $5,500,000 on their platform. You can help fund the truckers here: