Help Stop the “Vaccine” Injuries Cover-up in Ontario Now

Ontario's denial and cover up of the death and carnage following covid injections, is a crime, that must be stopped. Help the victims and their families.


Have you or someone you know been injured by the forced covid injections? Has someone you know died as a result of these criminally administered injections?

Across Ontario there has been a systemic cover up of the adverse reactions. Many doctors refuse to file reports, or recognize any covid “vaccine” injuries. Rare and diligent doctors, like Drs Patrick Phillips, have recognized and tried to report serious adverse events; but they are persecuted, and their reports have been thrown out.

Many injured and dead injection victims’ families tell similar stories, of the systemic denial of what has happened to them.

This is criminal, negligent, and immoral.

We want to thank to our valiant team at Take Action Canada. Once again, they are doing the hard leg work; while making it easy for Canadians to do our part and end this. Please share this link with anyone damaged by the covid “vaccine”, as well as the families of victims damaged or killed by these injections.

Together we can stop the cover up, and prosecute the criminals running big pharma’s deadly scam.

Take Action

Stop the cover up of adverse reactions and death by forced covid injections. Please share this with injured covid “vaccine” victims and the families of anyone damaged or killed by these injections, particularly in Ontario.

Canadians have a right to the truth. Public health officials and employees have a responsibility to complete their mandates, or face civil and criminal prosecution.

The carnage from these criminal injection campaigns must be recognized and counted. People must know the truth. Culprits to the cover up must be prosecuted.

Injection victims and their families should rightfully soon be on the receiving end of massive law suits for damages. Help make sure their paperwork is in place.

Victims and families of victims click here to access the Public Health Ontario Adverse Event form, and to complete the Take Action Canada Vaccine Injury survey so we can help hold Public Health department’s feet to the fire, end their denial and deception, deliver justice, and help ensure victims get their due compensation.

Please consider volunteering or donating to Take Action Canada, and take advantage of the extensive resources at Take Action Canada.