President Bukele protected his people from covid-19

While most governments around the world forced dangerous injections and harmful mandates, President Bukele and the El Salvadorian government took care of their people.

From the launch of covid-19, honest experts including myself have promoted lifestyle choices that optimize the health of our immune systems. A natural and healthy immune system is the only real solution for covid. The key factors of healthy immunity include: proper nutrition, exercise, hydration, sunshine, vitamin D, fresh air, rest, spiritual health, and avoiding immune suppressors like alcohol and tobacco.

Most governments have completely neglected giving any real health advise to their citizens – they have instead imposed “lockdowns” which blocked exercise, fresh air, sunshine, and spiritual health, and they blocked safe and effective treatments that save lives, minimize illness, and support the development of natural immunity. They have imposed forced experimental injections, which do not stop infection or transmission of covid, and have caused more death than all other vaccines did in the past thirty years combined.

Despite this, they still have the ruthless audacity to persecute the few courageous doctors that insist on telling people the truth, and who will not go along with the covid crimes.

However, there are rare exceptions. We should praise and support such exceptions, because they are setting a global example of what a leader should stand for; their people. These are world leaders who are setting fine examples, by taking steps to actually help people.

Please enjoy this refreshing look at two wonderful things President Bukele and his government have done for El Salvador. We salute them.

President Bukele's Government's Immune Health Public Education Advertisement

President Bukele's Government provides free safe and effective treatment for covid

The World Council for Health (WCH) supports the government of El Salvador in their new Covid-19 advertising campaign and urges other countries to follow their lead.