Devastating 2nd week report of negative efficacy

U.K. Health Agency first “COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report” of 2022, week 2: it gets worse for the "vaccine"; these injections increase infection rates

By Dr. P Alexander, PhD & Dr. M Trozzi, MD

The “vaccines” must be stopped because they have failed, do not work, and never did work. The reported 95% RRR (relative risk reduction) was really less than 20% when we recalculated and imputed the over 3,000 subjects they removed to get the >50% threshold for EUA. What Pfizer did in their FDA submission was fraudulent. Also, the ARR (absolute risk reduction) is 0.7% to 0.8%. If this injection was ever meant to lower infection rates, it is an absolute failure.

We see infection dramatically escalating for “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated” across the first two weeks of UK data. It clearly reveals that injection victims have higher infection rates, and while the “unvaccinated” are at risk from the infectious pressure of omicron, they are also at potential risk of spread from the “vaccinated” too. 

This data is alarming, and we must stop this “vaccine” rollout. Do not inject children; it will subvert their innate immune systems and turn them into asymptomatic super spreaders, leaving them defenseless for a host of pathogens beside the coronavirus. Children and young people’s innate immune systems are their first line of defense against infection, which can handle, and have handled, covid. They do not need vaccines for this, nor experimental biologics, because their natural risk of dying from covid is statistically zero. There is no evidence, after 22 months of “two weeks to flatten the curve”, that this is a childhood illness. Children are not candidates for this so called “vaccine.”

UK data including OMICRON 1st week of 2022:

Sourced from Page 42 of: UK Vaccine_surveillance_report_week_1_2022

The UK continues to give us clear, detailed, granular data, better than all other nations. Their reporting (on page 48 of week 2, 2022 report as well as in prior weekly reports, e.g. page 47 of week 1): “recent observations from UKHSA surveillance data that N antibody levels are lower in individuals who acquire infection following 2 doses of vaccination” points to an impact on immunity (natural ‘recovered’ immunity) by the “vaccine.” At face value, it suggests that if infected post 2nd dose, the generated immune response is hobbled/damaged (N antibodies are nucleocapsid antibodies).

Updated UK data including OMICRON 2nd week of 2022 (unadjusted):

Sourced from Page 43 of: UK Vaccine-surveillance-report-week-2-2022

By comparing the data, we see that injection victims, aged 50 and up, had higher rates of infection in week two than in the previous week. This is very alarming.

Negative efficacy of injection, devastating across the age groups:


It is clear from the above tables (unadjusted) that injection victims are being infected at far greater levels than the uninjected, with exception to the <18 age band. This is disastrous, as the rates are increasing week over week. We have to urgently study the extent that they can transmit to both injection victims and uninjected persons, and the severity of resulting illnesses. Urgently however, we must stop the injection rollout. It is time to end the pandemic, and it is time to end this so called “vaccine.” It not safe. It is not effective.