Criminal Investigation of Uk Gov Covid Culprits now underway

Here are the details, a chance to help with evidence, and an update on the good doctor White.

Criminal Investigation Underway in the UK

London Metropolitan Police criminal investigation number 6029679/21 is now underway. It includes allegations of the crimes of Gross Negligence, Manslaughter, and Misconduct in Public Office against Dr June Raine, a medical doctor and Chief Executive of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), and against Charlie Massey, Chief Executive and Registrar of the General Medical Council (GMC).

It also includes allegations of serious criminality against United Kingdom (UK) government ministers, civil servants and media chief executives.

The criminal complaint was filed by four great counter-covid-agenda activists: lawyers Philip Hyland and Lois Baylis, retired police officer Mark Sexton, and medical doctor Sam White.

Here is the notice we received from our UK colleagues. It includes a request for evidence from both victims and experts, and has details needed to support the London police investigation:

About Dr. Sam White and his mission

You may recognize Dr Sam White. He is a soft spoken compassionate physician; an agent for truth and justice. In 2021 Dr White refused to submit to the covid agenda, to give or receive the injections, to support the covid agenda lies, or to deny his patients the right to honest advise and proper medical care. Like many of us around the world, Dr White walked away from his income and job. He stayed true and received the professional, economic and legal hardships that come with the mission. These are truly strange times for honest doctors; medical systems, like governments, are infested and corrupted.

Globally, a sad majority of medical doctors’ mental, spiritual, and physical health are  complicated. They violate their oaths, submit to the covid agenda, lie to their patients and themselves, and participate in covid crimes against humanity. They continue making short term profits, but are instrumental in destroying human life and the very societies upon which they depend. Without their compliance, this covid war would have no traction.

Dr White is free of that guilt and karmic debt, but he does bare the same financial and legal complications carried by honest doctors around the world.

We salute Dr White and his team!

Dr White has embarked on a new path providing long lasting health solutions in the field of Functional Medicine:

He also continues in the legal fight to defend Brits and ultimately people everywhere with current legal action:

  1. To have the vaccine passport declared unlawful.
  2. To halt the vaccine roll out to allow a thorough review of all potential serious adverse events.
  3. To lift his medical license suspension.
  4. If the police neglect being fully diligentin criminal investigation, to start private criminal proceedings against the “Right Honourable” Matthew Hancock and others for formulating a public health policy based on an unfit for purpose diagnosis test and causing so much harm in so doing.

If you would like to get behind Dr. White’s legal campaign, he is raising funds here:

8 Minute Dr. White Video

Here is a brief December 2021 video, in which Dr Sam White calmly exposed covid truth; honoring his oaths to the public, and disregarding the backlash of the Criminal Covid Enterprise: