LA Times shamefully danced on the grave of Kelly Ermby.

The LA Times seized upon the death of Kelly Ermby to dance on her grave and falsely declare proof that the covid injections are good.

Here is a quote from the LA Times article from January 10, 2022, titled Mocking Anti-vaxxers’ COVID Deaths Is Ghoulish, Yes — But May Be Necessary:

“How should we react to the deaths of the unvaccinated? On the one hand, a hallmark of civilized thought is the sense that every life is precious. On the other, those who have deliberately flouted sober medical advice by refusing a vaccine known to reduce the risk of serious disease from the virus, including the risk to others, and end up in the hospital or the grave can be viewed as receiving their just deserts.” – Michael Hilzik business columnist LA Times.

There is no scientific evidence supporting the marginalization of people who have made a choice not to get injected. Though not getting injected does not render one immortal; declining the forced injections is still statistically and scientifically the clearly better choice for avoiding death and disease. People die, whether they die after being deceived, coerced and injected with a dangerous medical experiment or not, death of innocent people is always sad.

In terms of how dangerous the injections are, here are some images demonstrating the recent updated USA Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System data as of December 31, 2021. These injections have set records for adverse events and death associated with anything called a vaccine. This includes more than twice the death from this one injection in one just year, than was associated with all vaccines combined for all of the past thirty years combined. Here are some VAESR data tables and graphs worth a glance:

Mocking the Dead; Deadly Deception. Shame on the LA Times

This LA Times’ 1940s style propaganda against “unvaccinated” people ignores facts like:

Covid killed a very small percentage of people before the injections campaigns began. Due to its actual low mortality rate, calling it a “pandemic” was deceptive and diabolically strategic. Covid still kills a very small percentage of people, both injected and uninjected.

The LA Times propagandist has cherry picked an uninjected counter-agenda-activist’s death. They have chosen to dance on her grave, pretend that her death is proof that the jabs work, and promote the idea that mocking the death of uninjected people is in some way constructive and ethical.

This, no doubt, serves the agenda of this dinosaur media’s financiers and masters, to forcibly inject every human on earth, over and over and over again.

Here are some real numbers to consider:

Before any of us were covid-“vaccine” injected, the mortality rate of covid, the alpha variant, was between 0.15 % and 0.3%. With safe and affordable treatment, the death rate drops to between  0.023% and 0.045%.

The mortality rate of the so called “vaccines” is at least 3% (References: one and two)

That is 3% dead just within the first three months after injection, with much more damage still anticipated (References: one and two) in the months and years to follow. That is at least ten times the mortality rate of covid without treatment, and at at least 67 times the mortality rate of covid with cheap safe treatment.

The odds of dying, in just the first 3 months after the jab, is at least 67 times their risk of dying from covid if they caught it and had simple and available at home treatment.

Even if we set aside the reality that the jab is at least 10 to 67 times more dangerous than covid itself; we can still entertain the question, “if someone survives the jab, does it reduce their odds of catching or transmitting covid?” Surely, to compensate for all this risk, there must be some benefit to the so-called “vaccine”.

What we are observing, is that amidst the dangers of the injections, there are some brief benefits in reducing severity of mild to moderate covid disease following injections. However these benefits fade away over a few months, and are absent for even subtle new variants that arise.

Analyzing the data of covid is complicated by a variety of deceptive practices, which are ongoing in many places where the criminal covid enterprise still maintain institutional control. In these scams, even people sick and dying from adverse effects of the so-called “vaccines” within 14 or 21 days after the injection , can be labeled as “unvaccinated” and “dying from covid” hence driving public opinion falsely in support of the injections rather than against. (See references: one, two, and three).

Natural, uninjected people have hopes of encountering natural infection which is often asymptomatic or mild but provides broad and effective long lasting natural immunity against all variants of SARS C0V2. Indeed many people have already naturally achieved this; they are robustly immune.   

Most corona viruses, especially the omicron variant, are very mild; most people will be asymptomatic or have mild symptoms. Additionally with safe and effective treatment available, almost no-one needs to suffer or die when exposed. Rather, they can have a mild illness and develop excellent life long immunity.

The so-called injections damage the immune system, and obstruct the development of excellent natural immunity. The victims are left much more vulnerable to covid disease, as well as directly damaged from the injections. 

Recent evidence from Germany reveals an 8 fold increased risk of infection with the omicron variant in “fully” (meaning double and triple “vaccinated”) individuals. We plan to share more regarding this recent German data over the week ahead. The observed increased incidence of omicron infection among the covid-“vaccinated” makes sense, as we have described previously, they have antibodies only against the spike protein of last year’s model, which are ineffective against the new variants. In fact these unnatural antibodies help push the evolution of variants like omicron. Meanwhile, injected persons innate and adaptive immune systems have been damaged, and remain untrained to really deal with SARS C0V2, and new variants to come.

In Summary:

The so-called “vaccines” have been a complete failure. They have set new records for adverse events and death from anything ever labeled as a “vaccine”. Unfortunately, there is lots more injection induced death and disease anticipated in the future beyond the short term harms that we are currently observing (References: One and Two).

It is true that we are mortal, and uninjected people will still live and die. Some will even die with covid. But that does not provide any scientific basis for the LA Times to dance on their grave and declare proof that the injections save lives. They don’t. They are deadly.

The LA Times have disgraced themselves. They should be denied any of our business or money. Kelly Ermby’s family would be justified in taking civil and criminal action against them.

For a good broad understanding of the forced injections please read or watch Covid “Vaccines”; How Dangerous Are They?