What do you do when the government tells you to kill yourself?


In my home province of Ontario, like almost everywhere, government and institutions are violating human rights, vandalizing our biology, and forcing injections that are at least 10 times more deadly than covid, while suppressing safe affordable treatments that reduce suffering and death from covid by at least 85%.

Covdi untreated has 0.3 % mortality. Omicron is much less and very mild.  With safe affordable treatments that are being obstructed, covid has a mortality of just 0.045%.  

The so-called “vaccines” destroy immune systems, help the virus evolve, kill at least 3 % of the injected people, and maim another 28% in the first three months after injection; with much more injection induced death and suffering expected to follow.    

Yes, the government is telling you to kill yourself and help insist that your neighbor does too.