Charles Kovess at the tip of the global justice spear


Charles Kovess is practical, uplifting, balanced and BS free.   

You greatly enjoyed the material we shared November 23, 2021 from this leader in global legal strategist, great speaker Charles Kovess. Thanks to Dr Sam Dube for this latest 5th Doctor interview and presentation.

Charles B. Kovess, LL.B.(Hons), LL.M., C.S.P., M.A.I.C.D. is a lead member of the Law and Activism Committee of the World Council for Health (W.C.H.), dedicated to resisting the improper and illegal government overreach of power. Founded by Dr. Theresa (Tess) Lawrie, M.B. B.Ch., Ph.D., the world renowned evidence synthesizer, the W.C.H. is a newly formed alternative yet parallel organization to the World Health Organization (W.H.O.), but entirely publicly funded and free from conflicts of interest and pharmaceutical industry ties.

This urgent, inspiring, and motivational interview with Dr. Sam Dubé, M.D., Ph.D., centers on Charles’ thesis that FEAR IS THE REAL PANDEMIC. With his accompanying presentation, the world-class speaker, legal strategist, and executive coach provides over twenty concrete, actionable steps to re-empower individual members of the public as well as health care professionals to move themselves from this state of fear, into bona fide action versus the unlawful and unethical mandates and restrictions, based upon Common Law, and applicable in most of the “Free World”.

Charles presents a great combination of no facts, insights, and practical strategies that we all  need.