Mama Bears Protect Children

Alternative schooling and other resources to help parents make informed decisions and protect their children

Across Canada, the Mama Bears Project helps informed parents protect their children, and support their education and social health. This help is very much needed in the context of the current covid crimes and human rights violations that Canadian families are enduring and resisting.  

Thanks to the Canada Health Alliance, Police on Guard, and the Mama Bears Project for rolling out the “It’s Okay to Wait” campaign across Canada. This is a godsend for parents and children!

At the Mama Bears Project, you will find:

  • Truth about covid, kids, and the injections.
  • Tools to help protect children against forced injections and other current abuses within the public school system.
  • Resources for alternative schooling, and social events for children.
  • and a great opportunity for passionate caring people to join and help suffering and endangered children across Canada.

Children have suffered extensive abuse, and are currently in grave danger. Thanks the Canada Health Alliance, Police on Guard, and the Mama Bears Project for bringing the “It’s Okay to Wait” campaign to Canadians across our fine, though temporarily-globalist-occupied country. 

Kids have zero statistical risk of serious death or disease with Covid, but the injections being criminally coerced into them are a different story.

You will find great resources at Mama Bears Project including: honest science about kids, covid, and the forced injections; resources to defend kids within the public school system, alternative schooling and social resources for kids, and even help connecting with an alternative learning pod in your area.

Parents, volunteers, and donors are all encouraged to check out and join the Mama Bears Project.

Please forward this message to parents and others who are passionate to help children.