New 5th Doctor Interview: Prof Dolores Cahill & how to defeat the CCE

Professor Dolores Cahill: How we fight and end the criminal covid enterprise.

Description by Dr. Trozzi

We are happy to share Dr Sam Dube’s interview with counter-covid-crimes super hero: Professor Dolores Cahill.

Professor Dolores Cahill has been on the ball ethically and scientifically since the very beginning  of the covid crimes and deception. She is an immunologist, molecular biologist, inventor, activist, and much more. Dr Cahill is the founder and president of the World Doctors Alliance, World Freedom Alliance, and Freedom Travel Alliance.

She is truly one of the greatest leaders for human rights and health in the world today.

Professor Cahill’s expertise and guidance cover the science, law and activism of the covid truth movement. Thanks to Dr Sam Dube for this great interview; he quite correctly refers to this brilliant, committed, kind hearted scientist and activist as “kryptonite to the globalists”.

Prof Cahill deeply understands covid science, exposes the forensics, and is leading the legal attack against the covid criminals. Here she shows us how to win this fight, maintain our rights and freedoms, bring these criminals to justice, and restore a lawful and free society.

"There is no immunity for criminal behaviour"- Prof Dolores Cahill

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