Dr Nagase Exposes Pfizer, Criminal Canadian Officials, Child Sacrifice, and more

Thanks Strong and Free Canada, an organization worthy of our support, for this interview and so much more

Synopsis by Dr. Trozzi

Thanks and respect is due to Dr Nagase. This honest Canadian joins the ranks of special doctors who stand up for their patients, their oaths, and the truth; against the criminal covid enterprise, its many minions, and methods of persecution.

Dr Nagase treated covid successfully with a few safe pills, and was fired from Rimbey Hospital, Alberta. Now he exposes Pfizer’s morbid experiment, and criminals serving a violent agenda. Canadian officials are criminally guilty for mandating injections which research clearly showed to be far more dangerous than covid-19.

Pfizer’s own 3 month trial results show 3% of injection victims died, and another 28% were not recovered or were left damaged from the injections. This was published on April 30th, 2021, yet so-called “officials” continued to push the mandates, vaxxports, and even the injecting of children. This is blatantly criminal. At least 31% of injection victims are seriously damaged, with 3% dead!

Thanks to the group Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency. They pushed the Freedom of Information Act request in the USA to obtain Pfizer’s trial results. Now that we see the initial results, we understand why Pfizer works so hard to hide the evidence.┬áHere is table from PFizer’s three month report:

You can download the entire Pfizer three month report here: https://drtrozzi.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Pfizer-trial-results-first-3-months.pdf

Out of 42086 experimental subjects, 1223 died; that’s a staggering 3%! Another 28% (19582 plus 520, of 42086) had adverse events from which they had not “yet” recovered or they were left with long term damage (“sequelae”).
Covid-19 only had a 0.3% mortality without treatment. That is one tenth of the mortality these injections produced in their first three months alone. 

With safe treatments like the ones Dr Nagase got fired for prescribing, the mortality of covid drops to about 0.045%. That means the forced injections are at least about 67 times more deadly than covid when covid is treated with safe affordable medicines. How perverse that Dr Nagase is fired, while other doctors cash in delivering injections that kill 3% of their victims and maim another 28%; and that’s just for starters. Sadly, based on medical science, we must anticipate years more suffering ahead for the injection victims.

Ethical experts are working hard searching for ways to detoxify and heal the injection victims, but this is a very challenging undertaking. 

Dangers in pregnancy, increased cancer, death of athletes, permanent genetic modifications, and much more are explained by Dr Nagase (interview at top of page) in terms we can all understand in this information packed interview with Iron Will Dove of Strong and Free Canada.

There is no more room for denial friends. We are under assault with bio-weapons. This Pfizer report became available to governments on April 30th, 2021; yet the criminals in high offices have continued to enforce “vaccine” mandates, pushed these death jabs for children, and now are aiming their needles at toddlers and infants.

Are we going to stand up, save ourselves, families, and friends; and restore our society; or roll over, take the jabs, and die obediently? 

This is premeditated. Pfizer knew what they were doing. They skipped the animal trials, and went straight to the entire human race. Politicians, bureaucrats, medical licensing bodies, all institutions and all individuals supporting this are guilty of genocide crimes.

We must end this madness, and restore law, order, and human rights. Please, we urge everyone to take action and help stop the killing. Please support and use the World Council For Health Cease and Desist Declaration. For Dr Trozzi’s brief on the declaration, click here.