What’s Sulfate Got to do with Covid-19?

The Glycocalyx is a complex coating of all human cells. It is especially developed and important on the epithelial cells  lining of airways and the endothelial cells lining our blood vessels.

Both the glycocalyx and an important molecule within it called heparin sulfate, are very dependent on sulfation. A well sulfated glycocalyx keeps viruses out of the cells because of its physical barrier, as well as its negative charge which repels coronaviruses and other pathogens.

A sulfate depleted and thus degraded glycocalyx is inneffective at protecting cells, and gives the virus easier access to infect the cells. Also depleted sulfation of the glycocalyx and heparan sulfate molecules, predisposes to much more severe disease, including blood clotting in the  blood vessels which have sulfate deplete glycocalyx of their endothelial (inner lining) cells. Sulfate deplete and damaged glycocalyx seems to be an important factors in causing many other chronic human diseases.

The correlation between chronic diseases and predisposition to severe covid-19 disease, may be rooted in the sulfate depleted glycocalyx. Degraded glycocalyx causes both the chronic diseases,  the covid susceptibility, and more severe disease with covid.

We have learned that an abundantly sulfated glycocalyx coating our cells is key to immunity against covid, many other infections, and is foundational to good health in general.

A healthy abundantly sulfated glycocalyx, is mostly dependent on the availability of inorganic sulfate in our bodies.

Things to do that boost sulfate availability and glycocalyx health are:

  • get abundant sulfate in your diet, from a balanced wholefood diet – adequate sulfur-amino acid intake (protein), fresh vegetables (especially cruciferous, onion and garlic), whey protein (high in cysteine and albumin).
  • sulfate donating supplements include NAC, MSM, glutathione
  • intensive sulfate administration can occur with intravenous NAC, sodium thiosulfate, albumin or fresh frozen plasma.

Avoid these things that deplete inorganic sulfate and damage your glycocalyx:

  • High-tidal volume ventilation ( It is sad and perverse that the global covid agenda obstructing safe treatments like ivermectin, has instead encouraged leaving patients untreated until they are close to death and then “treating” them with intubation and high tidal volume ventilation.)
  • Various medications including steroids, aspirin, NSAIDs, acetaminophen (paracetamol), ACEIs (hypertension)
  • Toxins including cyanide ( in air pollution), ethylene glycol, glyphosate (Round Up: Monsanto’s toxic gift to the world), and heavy metals
  • Sulfate deplete diets: low protein; high fat, sugar and sodium intake; caffeine; and alcohol
  • Lifestyle: smoking and extreme intensity / endurance exercise. (Exercise is great for our health, but extremes can deplete sulfate, and damage the glycocalyx).

Here is the link to the complete November 4, 2021 scientific article entitled “Pathogenesis of COVID-19 described through the lens of an undersulfated and degraded epithelial and endothelial glycocalyx”, by Heidi du Preez et al, published in the journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology: