What’s In The Jabs They’re So Desperate To Give Us?


These injections are not vaccines. People have been lied to about what is in the needle, and forced to take it.

I am proud to be among the tiny percent of scientists and doctors around the world, who are standing against the criminal covid enterprise (CCE). Perversely, these experts currently pay heavy prices, for their efforts to save lives, explaining the true science and exposing the real dangers of the forced injections.

Once again, we are happy to share great work of Dr Verkerk and the Alliance For Natural Health International. Dr Verkerk and his team are on the short list of people who are completely committed, qualified, and at the front line of honest science, public education, and human rights activism countering the CCE.

Dr Verkerk’s latest 6 page article is well worth the read. He concisely covers the basic biochemistry of the forced injections, advances our insights into various aspects such as: specific modification in the injections’ genetic sequences and the resulting spike proteins; the abundant presence of human fetal kidney and retinal cell’s in the viral vector DNA injections (Astrazenica and J&J); impurities and 1.6 million doses rejected by Japan because of them; more graphene oxide evidence; and recent “fishy” changes in UK data attempting to cover up the complete failure and toxicity of the jabs. Dr Verkerk also shares interesting leads for investigating suspected electro-nanotechnology in some of the jabs and the transhumanism agenda. Knowledge is power.

Here is Dr Rob Verkerk’s 10 minute overview video:
Here is the 6 page article that is well worth the read: What’s in the jabs they’re so desperate to give us? by Dr Rob Verkerk, PhD