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SARS CoV2 is a man made bioweapon

We can not afford to ignore this.

Please allow Dr Michael McDowell 25 minutes to explain

In this concise fact filled 25 minute presentation from August 14th, 2021, Dr Michael McDowell presents “smoking gun” evidence that SARS C0V2 and the so-called “vaccines” are engineered, synergistic bio-weapons.

We can not afford to ignore this. This is war. We must end the denial, stop the injections,  and lawfully and properly restrain the mass murderers into jails or graves.

Dr McDowell supports recent information we published describing how the forced injections  stimulate the evolution of dangerous variants (One & Two). Further, the virus was engineered to respond to these injections with accelerated evolution. SARS C0V 2 and the injections are synergistic parts of a bio-weapon system, being inflicted on us.

It is by design that deaths around the world have spiked since the forced injection campaigns were launched.

"SARS CoV2 is an offensive biologic warfare agent made in a lab and engineered with gain of function properties."

- Dr Francis Boyle, author of the Biologic Weapons Anti-terrorism Act of 1989

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