The Omicron Variant


There are three main sources of variants that we must consider.

The first source of variants occurs in a healthy normal population without any of the lock-downs, and forced injections. These populations develop herd immunity, the virus becomes more infectious but less noxious, meaning that it spreads through the populations cause ever decreasing disease, the population becomes immune, and the virus joins millions of others living peacefully within our biome.

The second source of variants occurs when you impose mass use of a “leaky” vaccines on populations. This is exactly what has been done in most of the world. The forced covid 19 injections are complex and harmful in many ways. One way is that they trigger production of very selective antibodies against only the spike protein of the coronavirus. These ineffective antibodies do not stop disease or transmission, rather they exert an evolutionary pressure on the coronaviruses harbored within the injection victims to modify their spike protein so as to circumvent the counter-spike-protein antibodies. This is likely what the omicron variant is. It is a SARS C0V2 variant with 32 genetic mutations or changes to its spike protein. It is likely the result of coronavirus evolution within heavily covid injected populations.

Omicron likely did not originate in Africa, rather it was first detected in Sweden and Israel. Africa is the least covid injected continent with estimates that only 6% of the population have been coerced or forced into the injections. It is thus no surprise to honest experts in this field, that Africa has by far less disease and death due to covid that the rest of the world.

Source 1 & 2

On November 12, 2021 Dr Geert Vanden Bosche PhD addressed the multinational general assembly of the World Council For Health. On November 17, 2021 he addressed global covid experts at the African Health Summit.

Dr Vanden Bossche beseeched the continent of Africa to refuse the covid injections so that humanity might have a large population with intact immune systems that could develop and maintain natural herd immunity, ensuring the survival of mankind. He feels that heavily injected countries and continents are already in deep jeopardy.

On November 26th the WHO declared Omicron or “variant B.1.1.529” to be  a variant of concern. Claims were made that it originated in Africa. Increased pressure to inject the African people was launched. Simultaneously the destructive lock-downs and human rights violations against deceived and frightened populations were ramped back up by covid-agent-occupied and misled governments around the world.

The Third Source of Variants is laboratories. The original SARS C0V2 virus was the product of “gain of function” research carried out largely  at the cost of the citizens and tax payers who were also to be its victims: all of us. 

The criminals and enemies of mankind who have orchestrated the creation of artificial viruses to hurt and manipulate us are still at large. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and their many accomplices sadly have not yet been arrested or stopped by whatever reasonable means necessarily. So we must always remember that these predators have stolen and spent billions of dollars on biologic weapons development. As long as they remain free and at large, we run the risk of them releasing all sorts of variants and other biologic weapons.

My primary impression is that the forced covid-19 “vaccine” injections are working as planned, in concert with the SARS CoV2 virus which the covid criminals released in late 2019. The intended purposes of the injections’ appear to be to create death, disease, and to provide an infected and immunologic-damaged population within whom increasing dangerous coronaviruses will evolve, while blocking the natural herd immunity which is the simple natural way out of this massive covid prison camp. They don’t need to release more dangerous viruses; through forced injections they can stimulate their evolution within the victims.

The best steps that we can take right now are first, stop all the covid injections everywhere; second, arrest or eliminate the network of criminals and enemies of the people running this operation, and secure the viral gain of function laboratories; third, make safe effective early treatments and prevention available to whomever may need them, while returning to traditional infectious disease practices of quarantining only the sick, and supporting voluntary extra precautions for vulnerable persons; fourth, end all the human rights violations and nonsensical mandates, such as face muzzles, lockdowns, anti-social distancing etc; and fifth educate and encourage the public regarding practices to optimize the health of our immune systems.

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