Trusted leaders counter new WHO power grab Today at noon

The WHO and their accomplices are meeting right now to conjure more dictatorial powers over us. Meanwhile trusted leaders hold a counter narrative at noon EST.

Do you trust the WHO?

Do you trust an organization that leads the global obstruction of safe and effective treatment for Covid-19; and leads the global forced injection campaign which is causing record adverse events and death, stimulating the evolution of covid-19 variants within the injection victims, destroying the immune systems of people young and old; while clearly not blocking infection or transmission of covid-19? That is the World Health Organization.

The WHO and their masters plotting for more power

The WHO with their illegitimate masters and many minions are meeting right now to discuss and possibly sign a new “treaty on pandemic preparedness”. The WHO laid groundwork over the past decades for the authoritarian abuse and global governance they have enacted upon us all over the last two years. Today they are plotting for more power to further submit humanity  and extend their global dictatorship even deeper into our lives.

Trusted leaders counter

Today, the World Council for Health along with Trial Site News, are hosting a legitimate counter narrative with ethical scientific and legal experts, at noon EST (Toronto) time which is 7 PM Central African Time.

This event is hosted by lawyer/journalist/human rights activist Shabnam Palesa Mohamed. and co-hosted by legal strategist/ author/ educator Charles Kovess.

The international panelists include WCH co-founder Dr Tess Lawrie, along with Dr Pinky Ngcakani, Dr Astrid Stuckelberger, molecular biologist Fahrie Hassan, attorney Obert Kondongwe, and attorney Omar Khan.

You can join this live here:

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Human rights violations by the WHO

The current human rights violations and abuse of the globe through the WHO which is  financed largely by Bill Gates and GAVI (The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations) are facilitated by the The International Health Regulations (2005)[2] signed by 196 countries in 2005. This IHR is severe and has been the justification for the human rights violations, forced medical procedures, forced deadly injections, and so much more that we have endured since the onset of the scamdemic. The abusive powers allotted to the owners of the WHO and their tentacles throughout governments world wide are draconian; but the predators want more.

The WHO claims to have this power over the people, and seeks more in a new world "treaty"

The current 2005 IHR already claims for the WHO and member states these dictatorial powers over the people:

– review travel history in affected areas; review proof of medical examination and any laboratory analysis; require medical examinations; review proof of vaccination or other prophylaxis; require vaccination or other prophylaxis; place suspect persons under public health observation; implement quarantine or other health measures for suspect persons; implement isolation and treatment where necessary of affected persons; implement tracing of contacts of suspect or affected persons; refuse entry of suspect and affected persons; refuse entry of unaffected persons to affected areas; and implement exit screening and/or restrictions on persons from affected areas.

As if all that is not bad enough, in March 2021 26 nations including Australia, Canada, Iceland,  Norway, Republic of Korea, South Africa, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay and Member States of the European Union, but not including Russia, China, and India; decided to meet now, between November 29th and December 1st 2021, in a special session with the World Health Organization, to discuss and possibly sign a new “treaty” on pandemic preparedness and response.

Dr Tedros on the new "treaty"

The infamous communist Dr Tedros, has been the Director-General of the WHO since 2017. He has served his masters well and used the WHO to run the global authoritarian abuse and the world take-over that we have been enduring since the launch of covid-19. Tedros recently stated that the new treaty is needed because “It’s the one major change, that would do the most to boost global health security and also empower the World Health Organization.”

Empowering the WHO is among the very last things we want. This proposed new “treaty” would extend the global dictatorship that has congealed, involving the WHO, it’s puppet string holders such as, Gates, GAVI, the PRC, Big Pharma, central banks, and their many tentacles, minions, and accomplices in the current crimes against humanity

Suggested further reading

To read more about the 2005 IHR and the current plot for more power in the name of a new “treaty on pandemic preparedness and response” see Pincipia-Scientific and Trial Site News.

Trusted leaders and world renowned experts counter

While the global predators are meeting under the corrupted WHO, yesterday, today, and tomorrow, to seek more draconian power; legitimate leaders for positive change in our world, who are health and legal experts, are meeting to discuss “How Much Power Should the WHO have after tomorrow December 1st?”

This important event is at 7 pm Central African Time which is noon EST (Toronto). You can watch this live here:  

Register for the event here: