It is time to take your kids out of school

Situation update: Shocking messages from schools, shocking story sent by Dr. Patrick Phillips, and a very relevant new article from Dr Paul Alexander

The "vaccines" cause carnage and governments and medical institutions hide the damage

Covid “Vaccines” continue setting all-time high records for causing death and harm. In just ten months they killed more people than all vaccines did combined over the past thirty years combined. Athletes drop dead on the fields after injections. Teenage boys fill ICU’s with inflamed and damaged hearts. Some just die in their sleep.

Injection victims abort pregnancies, have heart attacks, strokes, seizures,  and so much more. Yet, compliant governments and medical institutions, haunted by enemies of the people,  work hard to cover up the carnage, force the injections, and block safe and effective treatments for covid.

Medical Insanity...

The injections don’t work: injected people get more sick with covid, harbor increased levels of mutating and evolving viruses in their respiratory tracts, and become super-spreaders of disease.  

No one is allowed to take off the face diapers, and the people who resist the forced injections are blamed for the injections not working. People are programmed with the bizarre belief that “it is your fault, that my injection isn’t working.”

Immunologists and vaccinologists continuing warning against  breaking a fundamental vaccinology rule:  “never try to vaccinate your way out of a pandemic.” The destruction of everyone’s immune systems is at risk. This could give corona-viruses and many other infective organisms a huge upper hand over us humans.

The "vaccine" is far more deadly than covid

As evil as the gain of function research and release, and the rest of the covid agenda is; the SARS CoV2 virus, in and of itself, was never very fatal, and never qualified mathematically  as a pandemic. Total global death rates did not increase in 2020. Global death rates did not really increase until the forced injection campaigns began in 2021. Sadly, the damage is just beginning.  

Covid-19 was especially never dangerous to children. They have zero statistical risk of serious disease or death, they have great innate immunity, and  they need natural exposure (not the viral genetic injections)  to develop healthy immune systems, and live long lives,  Children are extremely unlikely to transmit corona-virus infections, and so they are not a risk to others.  

In reality in 2020, in many countries, the average age of death from covid 19 was 85 yrs old, and that was higher than the average age of death. Even in the elderly, the injections are at least 5 times as risky for death, as covid. For children this ratio is more than 100.

Natural immunity is still the solution

Natural immunity is the only path forward, many of us (perhaps 80 percent or more) are already immune, and the injections are even more dangerous for the many naturally immune people; yet the predators insist everyone be injected, with no regard for immune status.

Niagara Schoolboards join the Criminal Covid Enterprise

So how shocking it is for a parent to receive this message as they send their children off to what used to be schools:

Shocking story from Dr Patrick Phillips

Consider also this recent dark covid injection story from Ontario, Canada, sent by uncompromising ethical Canadian physician, Dr Patrick Phillips:

“I think a super important strategy we also need to consider is trying to save the children of parents who DO NOT want them to be vaccinated at all. I have a friend here in town who did not want his kids vaccinated and his children did not want the vaccine either. Without his knowledge, his 12 y.o. and 15 y.o. were pulled out of class by an adult and told "it's time for your vaccine". The children then gave their "informed consent" to take the injections. The father then found out about it after school.

I have been advocating for any awake parent to remove their children from school IMMEDIATELY. I think this is by far the most important strategy we can take because these children are actually highly likely to be saved from getting these injections. There is a huge swath of awake parents who will naively think their children are safe because they won't give permission for them to be vaccinated. They are unfortunately wrong and their children will likely be vaccinated without their permission if they remain in school.”
Dr Patrick Phillips
“People, I recommend immediately taking your kids out of school and protecting them. Join a home-school group. Wicked people and misguided minions are plotting to inject your children with something very dangerous. Let’s continue working hard and strategically to insist on justice, and reclaim our society and our rights. Enough of the face diapers, forced injections, and slavery. Meanwhile, get the children to safety!”
Dr Mark Trozzi
legal strategist and author.
“Is this World War 3, or just a medico-scientific disagreement?”

More scientific details to support protecting your kid from dangerous covid biologics

Want more details about why the children must be protected from Bill Gates and the jab?  Here is a recent article by Dr Paul Alexander PhD

Picture of Dr Paul Alexander, PhD

Dr Paul Alexander, PhD