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Charles Kovess: Blunt, Inciteful, and Entertaining

Is this WW3 or just a medical science disagreement?


Please share this message especially with medical doctors.

Thanks Charles Kovess for this great video. Charles is a legal strategist, speaker, athlete, teacher, author, and successful business leader from Australia. This video is aimed at waking and  liberating medical doctors, but it is enlightening, entertaining, and liberating for us all.

Charles shares profound insights into the false science, deception, corruption and power grabbing of covid 19.

His pattern interrupt series helps snap all of us, including doctors, out of the covid trance which is full of contradictions. He shares great insights into our situation, relevant history, legal foundations, and strategies to return to freedom.

His address is focused towards medical doctors. He shares motivation and strategies for doctors to abandon their current roles as puppets and accomplices of the criminal covid enterprise, and to return to being free ethical humans practicing proper ethical medicine. “Doctors, if you comply with this beast, you will be forever enslaved to it” – CK.

The Covid Agenda is a global threat

Charles’ presentation has some information specific to Australia, but the criminal covid agenda is global, and similar government and medical licensing body corruption is occurring everywhere. Organizations to counter the covid abuse, and organizations for citizens and ethical medical doctors  already exist and are easy to find wherever you are in the world.

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