How to Optimize Immune System Health

Straight advice to optimize immune system health: the real solution.


Your Immune System is your real defence against Covid-19, the delta variant, and all infections.
The WHO and other old corrupt governments, institutions, propagandist, and medical licensing bodies, along with villains like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, push face muzzling, anti-social distancing, PCR swabs, house arrests, shuttering and destroying of businesses and economies, and especially push their experimental biologic injections, or bio-weapons, that are not safe and are not effective. Perversely they never give the advice that really saves lives from infectious diseases: how to optimize our immune system health.


Last year we shared the essence of the NEWSTART program with Dr Nedley for optimizing immune health.



Water (hydration)

Sunshine (and Vitamin D and K2)

Temperance (avoiding immune suppressants like tobacco and excess alcohol)

Air (get outside and get fresh air)

Rest (quality sleep)

Trust in Divine Power (spiritual health)

Here is a 13 minute interview with Dr Niel Nedley about NEWSTART from March 2020:

Advice to optimize immune system health from the World Council for Health

Now our global beacon: the World Council for Health has published detailed immune health advice. The WCH regularly updates health information, as the WCH doctors and scientists from around the world, constantly research and improve our knowledge. We recommend visiting the resources routinely for frequent new resources and updates at