Dr Trozzi: Transformation from Emergency Doctor to Full Time Activist

Lianne Bridges Interview with Medical Insider and Whistle blower Dr Trozzi


In this interview Lianne Bridges of Designing Transformation explores the personal story and insider perspective of Dr Trozzi’s transformation from pre-covid emergency doctor, through covid front line MD, and the progression to whistle blower and full time activist.

Description by Lianne Bridges

Interview with change leader, Dr. Mark Trozzi – a courageous and ethical doctor turned activist, and Canadian medical insider.

Mark graduated from the University of Western Ontario and has been practicing Emergency Medicine for the past twenty-five years, and is a veteran critical resuscitation instructor. He was on call in multiple emergency units since the onset of the pandemic including one ER designated specifically for COVID, until he resigned for moral reasons in February, 2021.

In my interview with Mark, he shares his journey as a medical professional through the past 18 months of the pandemic. He provides an insider’s perspective on the suppression of information, the skewing of data by government and media, and the censoring of scientific discussion and debate. He reveals what he has seen first-hand and through discussions with colleagues regarding what‘s actually going on in hospitals, versus what is being reported in the media. He explains why it is so hard for doctors and other health care professionals to speak up. He also shares his perspective on natural immunity, therapeutic treatment options, transmission of the disease and mandates. He provides recommendations of how people can get involved to protect themselves, their families and communities.

According to Dr. Trozzi, “The ‘first wave’ of the ‘pandemic’ was absolutely the quietest time in my career, both in my regular ER and my ‘COVID-19 designated’ ER, there were almost no patients, and almost no work. I had multiple long ER shifts without a single patient.

I perceive that at every level, hospital administration has had no apparent choice, other than to submit to the endless top-down roll out from governments, of questionable new rules, protocols, and procedures. My honest conversations with coworkers about my research and observations, became a problem. Caught in this quandary, an important administrator who I greatly respect, told me that ‘my thoughts made others uncomfortable, and made it difficult to keep everyone motivated and compliant’ with all the new protocols and restrictions. Sympathetic to the sad situation, I maintained my clinical position by promising to ‘bite my tongue any time I thought I was going to speak about COVID-19’ in the hospital. This was ultimately ethically impossible for me, and by mid-November I began winding down my ER work, and resigned from all my ER’s by mid-February, to avoid conflicts between my social, legal, and ethical responsibilities; and the hospitals which I am fond of.”