War on Truth with Doctors Paul Alexander and Mark Trozzi

Thanks Iron Will and Strong and Free Canada for this intense interview with Dr Paul Alexander and Dr Trozzi


Here Dr Paul Alexander and Dr Mark Trozzi discuss the suppression of science, the muzzling of doctors and experts, the persecution of ethical honest scientists and doctors, by operatives in government, colleges of physicians and surgeons, universities and other institutions. The science is so clear. Anyone telling us that these injections are “safe and effective”, is incompetent, lying , or both.

This interview is packed with personal, political and scientific information. It is also uplifting;  we are not surrendering an inch of commitment or honesty to this criminal agenda.

Here are a few quotes from the interview:  

On threats from the press (Dr. Alexander):

A reporter with the Washington Post told me, “We work as a pack. When we come at you [for our stories] we know there’s a small number of you who are going to commit suicide. We know you’ll take your life. It’s par for the course. We’re going to burn your life down. By the time we’re finished with you, you won’t be able to get a job. We’ll strip you of your home. We’ll do anything we need to do to turn you into a pauper. And if you survive all of that, we’ll write in such a way that we’ll incite some sick nut job to come after you, stalk you and your family, and harm you.”

On the brainwashing of the public (Dr. Trozzi):

“We all know what mass hypnosis is, we all know the kind of massive psyop that’s been done on the world. It’s more like a cult than a society now.”

On their commitment to fighting for truth (Dr. Alexander):

“If they thought they were going to silence me, Dr. Trozzi, Dr. Phillips, Dr. McCullough, they have only revved us up. We are just beginning. We will go at this as long as it takes and we are having an effect. As long as they are willing to play, we’ll play.”

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Iron Will is one of the best Canadian Journalists of the day. The Strong and Free Broadcast is independent from state funding, and does a great job of laying the facts out bare. We highly recommend subscribing to their Rumble channel for uncensored and honest journalism, the way the press is meant to be.

Dr. Paul Alexander: The Attack on Scientific Dissent Becomes ever more Brutal

We have so much for which to thank Dr. Paul Alexander. He holds a PhD in epidemiology and is a world class scientist with an extremely impressive resume. Throughout the covid era, Dr. Alexander has been true to facts, meticulous in science, and completely committed to telling us the truth, regardless of the agenda pressures of the covid industry and all their minions. We’d like to recommend one of his publications about the war on truth: The Attack on Scientific Dissent Becomes ever more Brutal.