What happens when doctors ‘just follow orders’


Thanks to Ezra Levant for this brief review of the history of eugenics, violent medical experiments, Josef Mengele, the Nazis, and the Nuremberg trials and code; plus the College of Physicians of Surgeons of Ontario’s current role as bold accomplices to the covid crimes against humanity. The CPSO muzzle and submit most doctors into joining their crimes, while attacking  the few doctors who maintain our ethics and oaths.

Dinosaur Media Coverage

Meanwhile, here is some of the coverage of the hive minded, state funded, dinosaur media regarding the same doctors. They receive your tax dollars, and with it help to end human rights, by keeping Canadians misinformed and confused:

The Nuremberg Code

During the Second World War, the Nazi’s performed horrific torture and mutation which they called “medical experiments” on imprisoned groups, most notably the Jewish people. Following the war, international groups worked to avoid such experimental abuse of people in the future. In the face of the horrid evidence reviewed by the court during The Doctor’s Trial of 1947, a set of research ethics principles for human experimentation was adopted by the medical profession, becoming known as the Nuremberg Code. It was declared that medical and human experimentation must observe certain basic principles to satisfy moral, ethical, and legal concepts.

The ten principles of the code were given in the section of the verdict entitled “Permissible Medical Experiments”.