The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and 3pm EST today

WCH General Assembly Agenda, Shots Cause Cancer, Sweden & Iceland end all mandates, and much more

What's in today's post?

  • WCH General Assembly November 1st agenda
  • “Vaccine” Death and Injury
  • New Website monitoring VAERS data
  • Mass formation: understand the psychological abuse and manipulation
  • New interview by the Strong and Free Broadcast with Dr. Mark Trozzi
  • Dr. McCullough, “The wholesale failure of the vaccines”
  • Gratitude from Dr. Paul Alexander
  • The shots cause cancer too
  • Covid “Vaccines”; How Dangerous Are They is being translated into Spanish
  • Sweden & Iceland end covid abuse
  • A brief but serious message from Randy Hillier
  • Expensive Remdesivir promoted whist Cheap Ivermectin suppressed

Today, November 1st, Three Great Canadians Present at the World Council for Health General Assembly 3 pm

Here is today’s World Council for Health General Assembly Meeting Agenda:

Today’s meeting starting at 3 Pm Toronto time includes a presentation regarding informed consent from Canada’s own constitutional lawyer and defender of freedom Michael Alexander with the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedom. Other Canadian heroes presenting are Ted Kuntz for Freedom Rising, and Svetlana Rilkoff of EZRA Wellness, an innovator in bringing real health care back to desperate Canadians living in medical apartheid.

Here is the link for the live feed starting at 3 pm EST:

"Vaccine" Death and Injury:

In this episode of CaTalyst on Trial Site News, one of our favorite journalists Shabnam Palesa Mohamed engages scientist Dr Jessica Rose, and medico-legal specialist Dr Herman Edeling. In a must watch conversation, they explore VAERS data, the experience of bringing jab injury data to the attention of authorities, and the catastrophic implications of the ongoing cover up. They also engage the importance of the independent THJ SAVAERS project, lessons learned from the WHO-lead pandemic, and a hopeful message to the public – to reclaim the right to health.

The Testimonies Project shows the faces and tells the stories of people injured and killed by the forced covid injections. is a full interface to VAERS that allows the user to easily search VAERS. The site is not-for-profit and run by vaccine-injured people who simply want transparency. They don’t even take donations. On the home page, there is a sign up for weekly update emails and in the site, there are excellent search utilities that allow the visitor to look at Covid jab data only as well as specific injury data within.

Understanding the Psychologic Abuse and Manipulation

Mass Formation: a deeper dive into the psychologic abuse and manipulation being used on us, and how to resist and survive. Great interview with Dr Mattias Desmet, professor of clinical psychology, and master of statistics. Why are you afraid of a cold virus with a 99.7% survival rate; you should be afraid of the impending totalitarian state and transhumanism:

Dr Trozzi "These injection campaigns are an endless profit eugenics and control mechanism"

It started with a discussion about the World Council for Health, and lead to “these injections are an endless profit eugenics and control mechanism. Check out this recent 29-minute interview by Iron Will of Strong and Free Canada with Dr Mark Trozzi.

Dr McCullough: The "vaccines" are a complete failure

One of the most qualified and ethical medical researchers in the world, Dr Peter McCullough exposes the “Wholesale Failure of the Vaccines”

Dr Paul Alexander sends gratitude to you

Together we raised over $8000.00 last week to support our most ethical scientist and humanitarian Dr Paul Alexander, who has sacrificed all to save lives and tell truth. Thank you for raising these funds to help a hero.

It means a tremendous lot to me and I did not know there were so many kind people. There are many good people out there struggling who have been unfairly penalized, their careers damaged and their name slandered. That was one reason why I wrote that piece The Attack on Scientific Dissent. It is very wrong that doctors like Dr. Trozzi and Dr. Phillips' careers have been damaged because they simply want to save lives and help. I am trying my best to help in my small way and had it not been for Dr. Trozzi I would have never known that good people exist. I was raised Christian but in God's eyes everyone is equal and we have to try and help everyone. Right now the battle is children and these vaccines and I am at the forefront with Dr. Trozzi to hopefully prevent any child from being harmed. Thank you very much.
Dr. Paul Alexander, PHD

The Shots Cause Cancer Too

The forced covid injections cause cancer too. Sorry, when we predicted and indexed the many ill effects of the criminally administered injections in June 2021, we missed cancer. However, there are many reports of cancers coming out of remission, accelerating their growth rate, as well as new and rapidly progressing diagnosis. We now know that antibody producing B type immune cells multiply dramatically after victims are injected; however reflexively there is dramatic T cell suppression, including that of CD8+ T cells which are essential to the body’s natural defense against cancer. These injections are wreaking havoc on human immunity and that includes to cancer. Our international science team from the WCH is preparing a detailed report which we hope to share within the next week.

Saving Our Latino Brothers and Sisters

Coming soon: Perhaps the most important work we have produced at is the article and video Covid “Vaccines”: How Dangerous Are They. Soon we will have the video with Spanish subtitles complete, so we can help save more lives in the southern regions of Turtle Island. Please beseech your Central and South American friends to hold out a little longer, and not accept these forced injections without being fully informed.

Sweden and Iceland End the Covid Abuse

Here’s good news. Sweden ended all restrictions. Iceland also dropping all the restrictions because “they don’t work”.

Meanwhile Ontario Canada Descends Further into the Dark Dystopian Madness

A brief but very serious message from one of Ontario’s very rare ethical members of provincial parliament, Randy Hillier.

USA: Ivermectin Works and is Approved, Remdesivir Doesn't Work But is Promoted for the Love of Money

The NIH does approve Ivermectin for treating covid: (that’s a document that every person should carry to their doctor, hospital, etc.)

However, the following document shows the bribe Medicare in the USA is using to get hospitals to use the very expensive and dangerous antiviral remdesivir, that does not work: 20% bonus bucks! To heck with Ivermectin, it’s safe, effective, and cheap, but where’s the money for big pharma in that?