Who is Fighting for Canadians’ Constitutional Rights?

The Justice Center for Constitutional Freedom; and the heroes they protect.

Thank you to the JCCF

Since 2010, the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedom has existed for one reason: to defend our constitution and freedom. The donors who support the JCCF, fund the defense of the constitution and every single Canadian citizen.

Since the launch of the Criminal Covid Enterprise (CCE); politicians, governments, medical licensing bodies, and many other institutions have been violating the constitution and charter of rights and freedoms on a level never seen in Canada.

People like myself have stood up for ethics and human rights; sacrificed our entire incomes; and fought tirelessly to return truth, compassion, and the rule of law to our country and the world. We have been under constant attack by the many tentacles of CCE.

If not for the JCCF, and the great people that support it, many of us would be without defense. With the loss of our incomes for the ethical stands we take, we could not afford legal defense. We are deeply grateful to the JCCF and their donors.

I would be in no position to defend myself against the attacks of the CPSO, if not for the JCCF. I can tell you firsthand that the JCCF is for real. They are at the real front line, defending our rights and freedoms.

Here are some of the Canadian heroes who are fighting against the Criminal Covid Enterprise, and who are being defended by the JCCF:

Dr. Francis Christian's Speech at the annual George Jonas Freedom Award Event

October 21, 20210 the JCCF held the annual George Jonas Freedom Award Event. The event was carried out on Zoom, because of the tyrannical lockdowns against which we are fighting. Two great speakers at the event were Dr Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford, and my dear and respected friend Dr Francis Christian. 

Dr Christian is a surgeon, award winning teacher, and author. He was the director of the Surgical Humanities program, and the Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Program at the University of Saskatchewan Medical School, until June 2021 when he public stated the obvious, which was simply that people should be informed as to the risks and possible benefits of the experimental covid injections being forced onto Canadians. His persecution began that day; but he has remained true to his values and continued defending Canadians, regardless of the cost.

Dr Christian is also an avid student of history, particularly that of authoritarian dictatorships such as the Soviet Union, the Maoist Chinese Communists, Nazi Germany, and others. His speech at this JCCF event is profoundly insightful, unapologetically realistic, and deeply inspiring.

It is said “Those who do not know history, are bound to repeat it”.

Thank you, Dr Christian, for sharing the historical context of the current crimes against humanity, and the challenges that we face. 

Here is the entire JCCF event which is all excellent. Dr Christian is introduced at 14:00 and his speech begins at 16:12

If you prefer, here is the text of Dr Christian's speech

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