WCH News 2021-10-25

There is a better way. We're finding it together.


We are very proud to be part of the World Council for Health.

Old institutions are stacked with criminals awaiting their hand-cuffed appearances at the Nuremberg 2.0 trials.

We can be grateful and celebrate that we have a new legitimate international organization working for the people of the world.

Here is today’s WCH news. It includes these new resources from the World Council for Health:

  1. the WCH’s new multimedia library.
  2. The Caribbean Health Summit 2021 video collection. This was an exceptional 3-day summit. Esteemed speakers were leaders in science, medicine, law, politics, activism, and journalism. Dr Trozzi attended this summit, found it excellent and informative, and was also one of the speakers, delivering a bold big picture view of the global situation.
  3. New WCH insights on “Pandemic Fatigue”: a natural response to a very unnatural situation.
  4. Information about the growing number of WCH membership organizations from around the world.
  5. Several recent expert presentations to the WCH General Assembly including: Dr Pierre Kory’s revelations about the role of testosterone in coronavirus pathology and how antiandrogen medications are being repurposed to help rare individuals who get very sick with covid; and mathematician Dr Jessica Rose’s analysis of the VAERS data, exposing the extreme danger of the forced injections.
  6. A reminder and link to join today’s meeting of the WCH General Assembly at 3 pm EST (Toronto time). That’s what transparency really looks like!

We hope you join us and others from around the world at 3 pm EST today.  

World Council for Health Newsletter 2021-10-25

We’ve just added new resources and pages and are excited to share them with you! Expect the occasional email like this one when new material is available in our video and publications library.

You can find this new material by clicking the Resources tab at the top of our webpage or by going to: https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/resources/

While we hope you find these resources helpful, they are not a substitution for direct, personal care from your trusted physician or care provider. We wish you and your family health and wellness!

NEW! Watch Council Meetings and more
We’ve added a new multimedia publications library to our website! You can now watch WCH General Assembly meetings, view presentation slides, and read transcripts.

Visit the multimedia library

Watch the Caribbean Health Summit 2021

We helped host the Caribbean Health Summit 2021.

Watch incredible testimony and video by frontline doctors recorded on October 7-9, 2021.

Watch the Caribbean Health Summit

Pandemic Fatigue: An Opportunity for Growth
Pandemic fatigue isn’t an illness—it’s a perfectly natural response to a very unnatural situation. Check out our handy guide to help you conquer pandemic fatigue.

Learn more about pandemic fatigue

Join Today's LIVE World Council for Health General Assembly Meeting:

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