The Jabs Don’t Work but Do Create Asymptomatic Spreaders

These forced injection are dangerous; but don't work. They even create asymptomatic spreaders.


Thank you to the Covid Medical Network for this resource

I want to thank our Australian medical colleagues at the Covid Medical Network ( for sharing an excellent article by Aaron Siri, which brought my attention to a recent study by the CDC and Wisconsin Health Department. It is titled “Shedding of Infectious SARS-CoV2 Despite Vaccination”.

What this publication covers

This study shows that people who had covid symptoms, regardless of whether they were injected with the so-called “vaccines”, had equal incidences of high viral loads, and were thus equally likely to spread the virus.

However, the study goes further and shows even worse performance of the Covid-19 injections. When they looked at the viral loads in asymptomatic people: the supposedly “vaccinated” people had a much higher incidence of high viral loads in their noses (82% in the “vaccinated” vs 29% in the “unvaccinated”). That means that asymptomatic spread, which was an overblown fear mongering tool in 2020, has become a much more concerning reality; but not by the so-called “unvaccinated”, but rather by the so-called “vaccinated”. In addition to so many other ill effects, these dangerous experimental Covid biologic injections are creating asymptomatic spreaders.

People should not be afraid of un-injected people if they don’t look sick; rather the injection victims are more likely to be walking about without cold symptoms but spreading the virus.

Here is the research entitled “Shedding of Infectious SARS-CoV2 Despite Vaccination” from the   CDC, University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin State Health Department, and others.

Help with interpretation

Please note when interpreting this study, you need to understand the meaning of Ct values. This refers to PCR analysis. As the reader is likely aware, the false positive scam of PCR “tests” is a result of the fact that if one runs enough cycles, you will generate enough genetic material to detect some coronavirus RNA in virtually any sample. However, in the context of the study we are discussing here, the PCR has some validity. A low Ct value means that less cycles were needed to generate detectable viral RNA. So, a low Ct value means that there was more viral material in the patients’ sample, and so it took fewer replication sequences to generate detectable viral RNA.

The validity of this scientific use of PCR technology, does not undermine our insight that the practice of labs around the world using high cycle thresholds to generate “positive tests” is deceptive and continues to be used to maintain unjustified claims of a “pandemic”, suspend human rights, abuse the public, destroy cultures and economies, and herd people into these nefarious injections that the Covid Enterprise is obsessed with jabbing into everyone.

Other relevent texts

Here is legal expert Aaron Siri’s excellent article titled “Study Destroys Justification for Vaccine Mandates” ( which also reviews the Wisconsin research and includes his legal insights regarding the unjustified violation of human rights. Aaron Siri also refers us to: a CDC study of an outbreak in Massachusetts (, where 74% of the sick people had been “fully vaccinated”, and the so-called “vaccinated” people had higher viral loads in their noses; plus  studies out of Israel ( and Finland, showing high rates of infection transmission among masked and so-called “doubly vaccinated” persons.


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