Dr Hodkinson message, Dr Phillips update, and a laugh


Today’s report includes a message from the eminent, concise, and ethical Canadian pathologist Dr Roger Hodkinson; an update on Dr Patrick Phillips defense fundraiser; and hopefully a few laughs to lighten your day.

A message from Dr. Hodkinson

First we have a message from esteemed Canadian Pathologist Dr Roger Hodkinson, regarding the Canadian Federal Government’s claim that only 195 Canadians have died following the experimental covid-19 biologics injections. Here is the Fed’s claim: https://westernstandardonline.com/2021/10/feds-say-195-canadians-dead-after-getting-covid-shots/

"This has got to be congealed bullshit! Only 195 post-vaxx deaths in Canada? Really? In the USA there are at least 40,000 post-vaxx deaths (CDC whistle blower with signed affidavit) and probably ~ 100,000 deaths due to massive underreporting. That would mean ~4,000 – 10,000 post vaxx deaths in Canada, if the usual 10% ratio is applied. What bloody manipulating liars. “Don’t ask – don’t tell!!” Hunter Biden calls that “plausible deniability”! For context -- the attempt to develop a Swine ‘Flu vaccine was pulled after ‘only’ 25 deaths."

In further support of Dr Hodkinson’s message, recall our report from Sept 27, 2021      https://drtrozzi.org/2021/09/27/canadian-nurse-exposes-the-latest-covid-scam/

An update on Ethical Scientific Hero Dr. Patrick Phillips

Next we have an update from Canada’s ethical and scientific champion, the beloved Dr. Patrick Phillips MD. He’s been under attack by the CPSO for following science and ethics, rather than submitting to the covid agenda. On October 2, 2021 we announced his GoFundMe campaign to support his legal defence, and you rallied to his support raising more than $35,000 to protect him within the week. However, GoFundMe revealed their globalist hand and shut down the fund raiser without sending him a dime. All your donations were returned to you (we think).

So, we free humans are done with GoFundMe, and turn to GiveSendGo.com as a new fund-raising platform. Here is the link to the fundraiser for the good doctor Phillips.

Can you help us with something? (Satire)

Meanwhile as a last contribution to GoFundMe, we are looking for a way to make their name much more accurate and fitting to their behaviours; by simply changing two letters in their name. Any ideas?