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Ivermectin, Joe Rogan, and Guilty Puppets in Media.

Joe Rogan recently had covid and made a speedy recovery

Joe feels great after ivermectin & multi-drug treatment

"Horse Dewormer"

CNN, part of the Criminal Covid Enterprise, claimed that he took “horse dewormer”, and ridiculed the treatment. That’s part of their job in leading the masses to slaughter.

Joe Rogan confronted CNN’s medical spin-master Dr Sanjay Gupta in a face to face interview, that is worth a quick watch. Like CBC in Canada, CNN in the USA has helped kill many people by spreading false negative information about ivermectin. Ivermectin is one of the foundational medications in successful treatment protocols for covid-19 and any of its variants. This is due to ivermectin’s safe yet profound  antiviral properties that work on various types of viruses including coronaviruses. By blocking proper treatment, these propogandists are guilty of causing unnecessary suffering and death.

 Ivermectin has been vehemently and unscrupulously opposed by the criminal covid enterprise. This is because it provides an escape for the masses being herded into dangerous nefarious injections that these psychopaths want forced into all of us.

This doubly murderous guilt applies to all the participating actors in media, governments, and institutions. They block proper safe treatment, and force dangerous unwanted injections.

This is a one minute briefing

Here is the two and a half minute clip:

CNN puppets try to cover their tracks

Here are two of the many covid criminal enterprise’s media puppets trying to cover their tracks. It’s CNN’s Don Lemon, and Dr Sanjay Gupta. Gupta claims that there is no evidence that ivermectin works. In our opinion, like many culprits, these two should lawfully hang for their crimes.

Contrary to their claims:

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