Sick of being lied to?

Join live unedited general assembly meetings of the World Council for Health


It is hard not to feel nauseous when listening to people like Dr Tedros of the World Health Organization, Dr Tam of the Trudeau regime, and the many other accomplices of the criminal covid enterprise installed in governments and institutions around the world. They espouse lies and propaganda. They manipulate the public in servitude to their globalist overlords. There is a profoundly corrupt relationship between central banks, big pharma, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, the World Health Organization, and many meat puppets installed in governments and institutions around the world. They flagrantly violate human rights, force dangerous injections, obstruct safe treatments, and oppress any honest experts who oppose their nefarious agenda.

That is why I dedicate much of my time and energy to the World Council for Health. The WCH is building an honest institution, free of corporate, financial and government influence. We are on a mission to navigate a better way forward for mankind.

Every Monday, the General Assembly of the WCH gathers. It is composed of more than fifty affiliates, from countries around the world. We hear expert testimonies from scientists, doctors, legal experts, and others. We consider research, theories, and perspectives. New affiliates introduce themselves. Science, Medicine, and Legal Committees report to the General Assembly, Questions are entertained. 

For me, these General Assembly meetings of the WCH are weekly highlights that I never want to miss. I learn so much there from heroes of the covid truth and ethics movement from around the world.

Our expert guest speakers are not controlled. We consider what they present. We do not have to agree with everything presented. We believe in freedom to consider, constructive dialogue and debate. It is through this process, unbiased research, and deliberation, that the World Council for Health generates honest health information for the public; and works on various fronts to restore human health and human rights, which have been left in tatters by the crimes of the covid enterprise.

The weekly meetings start at 3 PM EST time (Toronto), which is 8 PM BST (London, England), or 12 PM PST (Los Angeles, USA). Check world clocks to make sure you know the meeting time in your time zone.

Now you can join us and have a front row seat to these exciting weekly meetings of the General Assembly of the World Council for Health. This is part of the WCH true transparency modus operandum.