3 Great Short Videos

Ivermectin still works; Teacher exposes the school indoctrination; nun exposes the covid Criminals.

India Govt. declares most populated state officiall covid free

Nothing interferes with maintaining a fake pandemic and forcing people into failed and dangerous injections, like cheap safe effective treatment protocols that work. They include ivermectin. Here a real journalist tells the truth and make it entertaining:

Angela Bittinger exposes education system indoctrination

Angela Bittinger is a veteran history teacher from New York State. In this brief public address, she exposes the educational system which has become a radical far left indoctrination machine; and the New York school board’s role in enforcing unquestioned compliance with the criminal covid enterprise’s agenda.

Mother Miriam exposes global cabal and criminal accomplice, Pope Francis.

Lastly, here is a great 5-minute clip where respected Nun Mother Miriam, shares her insights on the covid jabs, the global cabal seeking absolute world domination through the covid agenda, and their accomplice Pope Francis. Catholics and all good people beware!