Dr Botha’s Shocking Microscopic Analysis

Severe blood cell damage in injection victims, and microscopic high tech metallic objects in the injections


Dr Trozzi: I just attended an exceptional three-day online summit, The Caribbean Health Summit 2021. It was very well attended, and many of the world’s top experts on Covid made excellent presentations.  We hope the entire video library of the Caribbean Health Summit will be ready soon, as there is much for us to share.

One presentation was that of Dr Zandre Botha. She has examined the blood of many people under microscope after they fall victim to the coerced misinformed Covid biotech injections being criminally sold as “Covid Vaccines”, which we know they are not.   

Dr. Botha’s microscopic findings are horrifying!

First, she consistently observes extreme red blood cell damage in all injection victims. She notes stacked rouleaux formation. This we described in June Stacked rouleaux are an extreme form of damage to red blood cells , whereby they stick together, can no longer effectively carry oxygen, and plug up small blood vessels  contributing  to deadly blood clots.

Second, Dr Botha received a secure sample of one of the covid injections. Microscopic examination of this revealed the inorganic electro-tech elements in these bioweapon injections. We understand that Big Bad Pharma’s back-up excuse for secret ingredients in the cocktails being injected into innocent people, is that their “product contains intellectual property that they have a right to protect”. Recall the “mystery ingredient” we were looking for back in Dr. Trozzi’s June 2021 extensive article entitled: Covid “Vaccines”; How Dangerous Are They?

Dr. Botha’s presentation from the Caribbean Summit is not yet available, but here are other recent presentations she has made, which show these same microscopic findings.

Never Before Seen: Blood Doctor Reveals HORRIFIC Findings After Examining Vials

We are discovering that the injections are worse than we thought

We are discovering that the injections are even worse than we thought, which was already terrible. Meanwhile treasonous politicians, like Canada’s Trudeau, and corrupted heads of so many institutions around the world, continue to force them upon the people; and demonize the people who refuse to be injected, and instead become victims of medical apartheid; losing their jobs, homes, and more freedom. It is assault, mass murder, and high-tech body invasion.

These electro-tech self-assembling elements of the injections, seem to be the diabolic hacking of human bodies by the criminal covid enterprise.

I share Dr. Botha’s impassioned plea for people to reject these injections, even under the tyrannical boots of medical apartheid. We must especially protect the children, in the face of oppressive treasonous politicians like Canada’s Trudeau, who has just banned Canadians 12 and older from travelling within Canada, escaping Canada, earning a living, or participating in society, unless they submit to injections:


Please support organizations fighting this, like the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms in Canada.

The Cure for Covid is Justice

The cure for covid is Justice. We must not submit; and we need to help each other survive the harsh oppressive times of medical apartheid.  We pray that the many accomplices of the Covid Crimes will soon be removed from their offices and placed in prison cells awaiting speedy trials for crimes, many of which such as treason, call for the death penalty. They are clearly committing crimes against humanity.

Lastly here, let us consider: what is the function of these microscopic self-assembling electro-tech units being injected into innocent people on mass? Of course, they are very unnatural and bad for everyone’s health. But there must be more to it.

Let’s digress briefly. Recall March 2020 when we were all first locked up for “two weeks to flatten the curve”. Only “essential workers” were allowed to go about their work.  Strangely “essential workers” included crews installing 5G towers with great speed and intensity in cities all around the world, including Canada. Might there be any interaction between the 5G electromagnetic signals, and self-assembling electrotechnology particles injected into the unsuspecting innocent masses?

Consider These:

Graphene oxide animated by cell phone EMR

Graphene oxide self-assembling

We have more research to do

Clearly, we have lots more research and work to do on this subject. For now, as we already seek to help the injection victims from the many biologic poisonous effects like toxic spike proteins, antibody dependent enhancement, infertility, autoimmune diseases, and more; we also need to consider the highly likely connection between two aspects of this weapon and control system, which is these microscopic electro-technology elements in the injections, and the toxic 5G fields being assembled all around us. We will be exploring and discussing this much more moving forward. Refusing the injection is self-defence. Disarming the 5G towers is also self-defence, and honestly should be the work of police, as well as the basic right of all citizens. We will continue researching and sharing.