Ivermectin Cures Uttar Pradesh

While many governments are committing genocide, the most populated state in India, Uttar Pradesh, elimates covid mortality and cases with Ivermectin.

While many governments are committing genocide, look what can be done if they honestly "followed the science"


The most populated state in India, Uttar Pradesh with nearly two hundred million people, has gone from a covid hot spot to a covid free region since the government there promoted the use of ivermectin to treat covid. It literally emptied the hospitals of covid.

This safe, cheap, effective medicine that cures and prevents covid, has literally been suppressed by so many criminals in the covid enterprise network. They are guilty of the killing of all the fragile people that died from covid who could have been saved with this cheap safe medicine. They are still doing this; and forcing people into dystopic and evil injections, that kills far more people than they will ever help.

Across Canada, Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons, including Ontario’s, are persecuting ethical and well-studied doctors who prescribe or even say good things about ivermectin. Meanwhile, they are muzzling any doctors who dare mention anything negative about the deadly covid injections. The new “crime” for doctors is “causing vaccine hesitancy”. What a sick joke!

Doesn’t it seem that doctors who have stood up to this like Canada’s Dr Patrick Phillips, Dr Charles Hoff, and Dr Francis Christian, should be receiving awards and being begged to take on leadership positions, rather than being fired and having their licenses to practice medicine attacked.

It seems that the bloodied hands are those of bureaucrat doctors like Dr Tam and Dr Whitmore. While Dr Patrick should receive Ontario’s ethical and noble doctor of the year award, these political operatives should be removed from their positions and face charges for the loss of life they have caused in many ways, including suppressing ivermectin and forcing dangerous injections. 

Everything in this short concise video is accurate. The tongue in cheek humor is great! Enjoy and spread the word. 

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