Isolation camps, Justice, Evidence, and Heroes

There is lots to report; so let's be concise

  1. Isolation camps: A little more terror from the Trudeau regime: Canada’s “Voluntary” Isolation Camps.  We wonder if they will be as voluntary as the masks, lockdowns, nose swabs, and injections have been? 
  2. JusticeDr. Peter McCullough Issues Stark Warning To ALL “Experts’ Who Pushed Crimes Against Humanity [VIDEO]  “It’s Time to hunt the hunters”.  For Dr McCullough’s impressive credentials click here.
  1. EvidenceReiner Fuelmich Corona Investigative Committee Session 72 “The Coolant is Boiling!”. This is a loaded five hour session,  but here are some top highlight subjects: Judge indicts: Crimes against humanity committed by a pedophile elite!; Situation in Israel;  Spanish flu – what role did vaccination play then?; The “Delta Variant” is the vaccination itself!; About scripted BBC interviews; Harmfulness of the spike protein; and critically appraising the idea of herd immunity by means of inoculation of harmless parts of the population.
  2. Heroes: This is what a strong and ethical judge looks like: we send great respect to Judge Dr Rul da Fonseca y Castro of Portugal. Here he took a front-line stance for human rights and the rule of just laws. 

Judge Dr. Rul da Fonseca y Castro stands up to police

Dr. Patrick Phillips MD, CA

Today, another important hero whom we enthusiastically salute, and support is Canadian physician Dr. Patrick Phillips. Since the beginning of the Criminal Covid Enterprise, Dr. Phillips has not submitted to the corruption, nor strayed from honest science, and compassionate ethical care for his patients. His study and sharing of covid science has been extensive, meticulous, and has been a resource for other experts. Ontario’s medical establishment has become dystopic: muzzling doctors, suppressing lifesaving treatments, running deception campaigns with the dinosaur media, forcing extremely dangerous injections, covering up injection related deaths and injuries, and so much more. Dr Phillips has stood fast, and they have been relentlessly attacking him. In their latest move, the College of Physicians and Surgeons led by Dr Nancy Whitmore, just suspended his license from prescribing ivermectin, assessing covid patients, and completing medical exemptions for people who do not want to be forcibly injected and damaged, in exchange for little drops of their human rights. Further revealing the evil practices of Dr. Nancy Whitmore’s CPSO, they “notified” him by an email to his lawyer one minute before midnight, whist they schemed with their fellow meat-puppets in the dinosaur media and launched their surprise assault against him the following morning. Their methods were so sneaky that Dr. Phillips first found out about what had been done against him around the same time as anybody else, from the so-called “news”. Let’s elevate Dr. Patrick Phillips with gratitude, respect, prayer, and donations to support his defense against the tyrants.

Update 2021-10-17

After Dr. Patrick Phillips’s legal defence fundraiser reached approximately $40,000 within a few days, thanks to wonderful supporters around the world and generous members of our own audience, GoFundMe deleted his campaign. We will be investigating this further, and will keep you informed regarding this outragious discrimination.