Do Not Submit. Unite!

Resist the bioweapon, survive medical apartheid, hunt the predators.

A message from Dr. Trozzi

Dear friends. We must unite. In Canada alone there are about eight million people including about four million adults, who have resisted the imposed bioweapon injections. In the world, there are six billion people who have so far not been violated by needle.

The global predators have infiltrated many governments and institutions. In many places including Canada, they are now using them to impose medical apartheid or “vaxports” on those who won’t submit.

We must not submit. We must always recognize our God-given rights.

How shall we face this new medical apartheid?

On one hand: refuse to impose it. Do not violate other’s privacy and bodily sovereignty by demanding that they “show their papers” and prove that they have submitted to injection predators like Bill Gates. Even if your job assigns you to ask these invasive questions of people, you should accept their right to say, “no thank you, I don’t wish to discuss what medicines or experimental injections I have had.”

On the other hand: recognize that you do not have to disclose your personal medical information to anyone. IF your employer, University, restaurant, or gym, asks to see your so called “vaccine” papers, politely decline. State that you do not wish to discuss your personal medical history including whether or not you are taking any experimental genetic injections. Then carry on.

This man refused to participate in supporting the atmosphere of the mass psychosis over Germany in WW2. Nearly 100 years later, his actions still have a lasting impression on others, with equally significant relevancy now to then. Acquiescence feeds into tyranny. #JUSTSAYNO

Your charter of rights and freedoms

Recognize your charter of rights and freedoms in your work, within your school or any other normal place where you may go. If someone tells you that you may not move freely because you have not produced your injection documents, don’t fight, but don’t accept or obey them. Go about your business. Exercise you charter freedoms and rights. Be calm. If they block or push you, or even have someone in a uniform push or pull you, don’t fight, but record it. Video these events, or have a friend video them. When possible, take names and record dates and times. Make clear statements like “don’t assault me, stop assaulting me, you are assaulting me, you are violating my rights, stop violating my rights”. In this scenario you may very well end up leaving, but you will leave with the evidence of the assault and violation of your rights, which we will use later in the lawsuits. 


How can we survive?

Next, we must survive. We will likely face some lean times ahead. The manipulative global predators and their puppets in government, have worked hard to isolate us with their lockdowns, forced facial coverings, and hate speech against the un-injected; it’s the old “divide and conquer” method. So, unite! We must help each other survive through this apartheid. It may mean scaling down, two or three families sharing one house, sharing food, transportation, or shelter. We are going to have to become very good at getting along, working together, living in larger groups, sharing food, shelter and other resources. We must love one another.
Many of us may soon be locked out of our jobs for refusing Gates and Fauci’s bioweapon injections. Those who can still earn old style money will have to share it. But all of us can work for each other. Those who cannot earn money, can support the earners in other ways. Build, repair, clean, grow food, and help or serve each other in many ways. We may live with less in some ways, but we will be rich with the things we provide and do for one another. Let’s get back to the basics of good culture like: love one another, and follow the Golden Rule.

Love each other, work for each other, tighten our belts, and put as much time and energy as possible into acting against the global predators.

It's time to hunt the global predators

Yes, we need to hunt the global predators, and all their minions. We can never have a safe and kind world so long as these villains are still flying around in their private jets and manipulating the world. We have a big clean up job! Everyone has a part to play in the waking giant, which is mankind at our best.
We are in a crisis: a war really. We have all been abused and brainwashed. Many have succumbed and believe the brainwashing.
We who have not succumbed, or who have succumbed then awakened, must now get very creative and organized. There are those who are injection victims but realize the deception and violation that has occurred to them. Such victims among us can also be very motivated at hunting the perpetrators.

We Must Unite

We must unite, love one another, help each other survive, and join forces to hunt the global predators.

People and organizations are coming together to fight these predators and reestablish free and fair society. So come together with likeminded people, and join likeminded organizations. Such organizations can be found here:

We are not alone. In Canada, there are about eight million Canadians who have held the line and rejected the dangerous forced injections. There are many more who are victims of the injections, who need our help, and are also ready to fight for justice and freedom.

The cure for covid is unity, survival, justice, and love.

-Mark Trozzi, MD