“Vaccine” Passports would end Human Liberty

Central bankers, in bed with big pharma, big tech, and corrupt politicians: Catherine Austin Fitts reveals the villains behind the Scamdemic


In this interview, financial expert Fitts explains how the central banks are using the covid “pandemic”,  the lockdowns, vaccine passports and other abusive measures to steal and consolidate even more wealth and absolute power. 

The corruption runs deep. The US Federal government has refused audited financial reports since 1998, despite these being required by law. Twenty one trillion dollars are missing! They have created massive amounts of fiat currency which they and their allies have used to buy up extensive real assets like real estate. Meanwhile, they have essentially bankrupted the financial system. It will collapse, but they are still holding all the assets that they bought with the ill gotten fake money. 

During the lockdowns and other unjustified oppressive measures, small businesses were crushed, but the centrally connected billionaires’ companies thrived. They took over the small businesses’ shares of the market. As Fitts puts it “the magic virus spared” Cosco and Walmart, while crushing all small businesses. Also, they all received their share of the twenty one trillion missing dollars. The small businesses  being destroyed must sell off their assets; they are bought up cheap by these unfairly enriched and empowered centrally connected multinational corporations.

Soon the old US dollar system will collapse. The centrally connected billionaires will still be holding the extensive assets that they purchased from the rest of us who were forced into poverty in this scheme. It is a massive stealing of real wealth from the majority of the hard working people in this world. This is similar to central finance scams of the past i.e. the great depression. Each time, the common people are left with more debt and more taxes, but with less wealth and assets. Meanwhile, these very few ruthless uber rich take over even more of the last bits of the world’s wealth . They contribute nothing real, and steal everything through their deceptive schemes and backroom deals. 

Austin Fitts explains how by using all the elements of the criminal covid enterprise, the central banks, big tech, big pharma and their government operatives around the world, are taking this economic-collapse-and-assets-theft formula to a whole new horrific level. “Vaccine” passports and central bank digital currency are the ultimate manifestation of that. If they succeed, it will bring all of us 99.9999% of regular people into full slavery. 

What is the solution? Austin Fitts recommends stopping the “vaccine” passport, and withdrawing our business from these villains. Boycott Cosco, Walmart, and the big banks. Give your business to real people with small businesses; it enriches your own community. Withdraw from the big banks and instead use smaller ethical financial institutions like credit unions.