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From early in the COVID-19 scandal, mid-March 2020, I was on duty in two Ontario emergency departments, one which had been designated as the site for all COVID-19 cases in its region. It was by far the quietest time in my twenty-five-year ER career! I was very busy for all the years in my emergency practice until COVID-19, then for instance, I literally worked entire 14 hour shifts without a single patient.

We were given cumbersome new protocols for the supposed pandemic, that meant handicapping our ability to save lives especially regarding airway management and other emergency lifesaving procedures in critical resuscitation.  Thank God there were almost no patients; though sadly, we now know that the usual heavy load of patients needing our help for real, were scared and obstructed from our care, and hence neglected.  

Since the beginning of this COVID-19 business, I have been researching many hours, day after day, week after week, month after month, and I have learned a lot; about the biology, politics, and business which is “Covid 2019”.

Diligent research and honest observation will lead different practitioners to the same place: the truth; so, it is no surprise that thousands of medical doctors from around the world have arrived at the same conclusions, and signed what I consider to be a great and very important document expressing the main truths about covid-2019. Please take some time to read this article which starts below the pictures of some of the lead doctors and scientists of our World Doctors Alliance, on this linked page:

Here is a great ten-minute interview with Dr. Heiko Schöning related to this front:

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